FDA Regulations and Updates

We want to clarify any news or rulings you may have seen regarding the FDA tightening restrictions on the use of ethyl alcohol in Hand Sanitizers.  We have always taken the extra steps to ensure a safe product for customers, whether it is theatrical fog or now hand sanitizers.  When we took on  manufacturing hand sanitizer we knew that things would eventually "tighten up" for lack of a better word.  We proactively took steps to protect you and your loved ones.
  • Our facility is registered with the FDA.
  • We acquired an NDC (National Drug Code) Labeler Code Number.
  • We have NDC Labeler Product Codes registered with the FDA on all 3 sizes we offer.
  • We registered with the TTB and received an SDS permit which means we can purchase the highest grade SDA-40b available.
We have done everything to the letter of the law and have been notified by our ethyl alcohol (SDA-40b) supplier that they are not one of the manufacturers that has been affected.  They are also monitoring things and will continue to comply with FDA guidance.
What about testing?
In addition to all the legal legwork, we have also invested in testing equipment.  We are sampling every batch to ensure the concentrations meet the WHO guidelines.
What does this mean for Froggy's Simply Sanitizer?
It means that we have gone above and beyond to comply with the FDA/DOT/CDC/WHO guidance.  We knew that the temporary easements of the regulations in March would not last forever and took the proper steps to continue production long after things have gone back to normal.

In closing, we are working closely with our supply chain, and monitoring the FDA guidance, as well as other necessary agencies, to continue making one of the best American-made hand sanitizers for years to come.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.